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Have a question about pregnancy? Experiencing pelvic pain? Maybe you’re worried about cysts in your breasts. Well consider this Gyno 101! Our Gyno section has answers to all your concerns, including disease profiles, answers to frequently asked questions, and advice about symptoms, treatments for and causes of your gyno conditions.

Breast And Pelvic Concerns

Concerned about what your nipple discharge means? Or maybe you're concerned about breast assymetry? If you have a question about pain you've been experiencing, or about the size and shape of your breasts click on our breasts concerns page. Here you'll also find questions to other concerns about breasts, including information on mammograms.

Find a disease profile of endometriosis and information on pelvic pain at endometrioisis. Learn about whether your pelvic pain is a symptom of endometriosis. Find out how endometriosis can be diagnosed using an ultrasound.

Got a question about treating fibroids? Want to know if your fibroid growth is benign or malignant? We have all the information you need on fibroids, including symptoms, treatment and causes.

Ovarian cysts can affect women's fertility and also increase their risk of developing diabetes. At ovarian cysts, you can find information about the link between ovarian cysts and your overall health, the impact of cysts on your fertility, as well as a in-depth profile on ovarian cysts that includes information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of ovarian cysts.

Yearly Exams

A pap smear test is critical in maintaining your reproductive and overall health. Abnormal Pap smear results can be indicative of cancers and other diseases. But when should a woman start having Pap smear tests? And how often should she undergo such a test?

Pelvic pain can create a lot of discomfort for women, although it is often misdiagnosed as a muscle injury. But pain in the pelvis area can also be a symptom of pregnancy. However, if you're already pregnant, pelvic pain can be a sign that the fetus is in some kind of distress. At Pelvic Pain, you can find answers to what your pelvic symptoms really mean.


Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for moms-to-be. You may feel excited and happy, and yet anxious and concerned. For example, many parents worry about the risk of Down syndrome, or about how breastfeeding works. Link to our pregnancy page to get the medical advice you need on these concerns and much more.

In our Sexuality section, learn all about women's sexuality. Here you can read about concerns related to sexuality, including reasons for decreased female libido and the effects of Viagra on women. Here you can also find about other concerns about your sexuality, including over-the-counter treatmens for your decreased sexual desire and what causes pain or discomfort during intercourse.

A hysterectomy, for example, has been linked to decreased sexual desire. But what are the other possible side-effects of this common surgery? Make sure you get the facts before making any decisions.


Another common concern amongst women has do to with urinary infections. Learn about the symptoms and causes of urinary tract infections, prolapse and incontinence, as well as treatment options for each.

Experiencing vaginal itching or vaginal bleeding? Troubled by vaginal dryness? Or perhaps you've discovered you have a vaginal cyst? Check out our vaginal section to find out what's causing your symptoms. Here you can also learn about pelvic exercises that can relieve your vaginal discomfort.

Finally check out our yeast infection page to find out more about this affliction that will affect nearly every woman at some point in her lifetime. Learn about abnormal discharge, itching and chronic yeast infections and what kind of oral treatments and over-the-counter topical treatments are available to help treat your yeast infections.

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Me and my boyfriend had been trying to get pregnant last 8 months. I Normally have a period at the end of every month around the 27th. Well in December I didn't have a period. It came on January 4th. Me and my boyfriend split up for a lil while and regretfully and embarrassingly I slept with someone else and had unprotected sex on January 14th. I missed my period in February and went to the dr on February 23rd and they said 7 weeks. Went back and had an ultrasound on March 5 and it said I was 9 weeks pregnant. Could you please tell me when I got pregnant so I can quit feeling guilty!
9 years ago
am 19 years old and I am a virgin...I am very afraid nowa days when I have a look at my vagina..my upper lips of vaginal hole looks weird...it is torn and having 3 cuts..first half looks white and 2nd n 3rd fully black type..it really looks weird...please help..I dont want to die so soon
10 years ago
for family friend 12 year daughter. she was examined and found to have lacerations. She has had no intercourse, and unknown of any objects used. Could this come from masterbation or her putting objects inside. She also had infection but they said it was normal during exam, and was treated with antibiotics
11 years ago
my boyfriend left sperm outside vagina... aftr sometime i had very less bleeding from vagina.. can i get pragnant?? should i take ipill?? n is there any side effect from it?
12 years ago
I've had a thick white odorless discharge that two gyn's have missed. The exact words that came out of the first ones mouth was "you're as clean as a whistle". It seems to come in cycles. Light, thick, and then it seems to go away for a little bit.
12 years ago