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Virginal Hypetrophy

Woman's Diagnostic Cyber Disease Profile

Synonyms:      menarchal hypertrophy of the breast
adolescent hypertrophy of the breast
hypertrophy of the breast(s) - menarchal

General description:         This is a condition where the breasts enlarge excessively at the time of adolescence when breasts normally become sensitive to estrogen.

Is it common?

Differentiating features enlargement is bilateral, and excessive although each breast is not necessarily equal in size Other features breast pain due to weight of breasts Cause unknown, although probably some sort of excessive sensitivity of breast tissue to estrogen Unnecessary
studies mammography

Natural history

untreated breasts remain enlarged and cause back and chest muscle pains

Goals of therapy (Rx)

to restore patient's self image and relieve pain 1st choice therapy support bra Other therapies used surgical - reduction mammoplasty - excision of a large part of breast. Usually plastic surgery is not approved for this unless at least 150 grams of tissue per breast needs to be removed.

Treatments to avoid

exogenous estrogen therapy may continue to stimulate breasts

Reason for Rx

choices not known to be reduceable by any non-surgical therapy

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