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Fibroid! Myomectomy! Please Help.
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lncarter82 - December 31

I have 3 fibroids. One anterior midline fundal fibroid measuring 6.3 x 5.4 x 6.4 cm, one posterior lower uterine segment fibroid measuring 5.3 x 5.2 x 5.8 cm, the other is only 2 cm, and my uterus is 12.8 x 7.5 x 8.1 cm. My doctor wants to perform surgery primarily because of the posterior fibroid. I am a 26 year old African-American woman, who wants to have children but does not plan on it for at least the next 5-6 years, maybe longer.

I do not want to undergo surgery, however, according to my doctor because of the size of the fibroids in general and the posterior fibroid specifically, a myomectomy is recommended even though it is likely/possible that the fibroids will grow back. Please advise in any way you can.


neworleansnicole - November 11

Dear Incarter82,

I was diagnosed with 3 uterine fibroids this July:
07/30/09 Ultrasound

5.2 x 5.1 x 4.8 cm
4.4 x 3.3 x 3
3.2 x 2.2 x 2.8

At the time, I could not stop bleeding. My hemoglobin blood count went went down to 6, the normal range is 12. I was hospitalized and was told I should have a blood transfusion and a D & C surgery to stop the blood loss. I chose to recieve Premarin in my I.V. instead. It worked and I have been ordered to be on 2 birth control pills a day since, skipping the blank pills.I had to urinate all the time due to the pressure on my bladder and my abdomen was bloated. Two doctors wanted me to have surgery by November.
I did some research and found Fibrovan. I have taken the supplement 3 xs per day since October 1. My 10/29 ultrasound now shows a 3 cm shrinkage in my largest fibroid. So I am holding off on surgery to let the Fibrovan work. Go to Fibrovan.com for more info.
Bravo for you that you know your measurements and are looking for an alternative to surgery. Remember that as long as you can control the bleeding you will have time to shrink the fibroids and hopefully not require surgery! Good luck! Keep me posted!



DeliaDee333 - January 19

Hello. I too have fibroids. Back in January 2003 I had a myomectomy to remove them because they had been causing many problems for me. I had 5 large fibroids, one of which actually protruded into my vaginal cavity! I could feel it. It was a hard, large mass. I had chronic symptoms of a bladder infection for over 2 years, as they were pressing against my bladder, and because of it, I was told that my bladder was not emptying completely. I started on Lupron injections for 4 months prior to the surgery to help shrink the tumors before the surgery. It worked like a charm, but caused a lot of unpleasant symptoms because of a forced, temporary state of menopause. The surgery was a success, and my doctor was able to remove all 5 tumors! I felt great for the first time in 2 years! It was totally worth the 2 month recovery. I chose the myomectomy option over the hysterectomy because I was 32 at the time and never had children, and wasn't sure if I may want them in the future. My symptoms were so bad that I had to have the surgery. The only problem is that I just recently found out that they all grew back! I now have 2 fibroids at 5cm each, and 3 other smaller ones. My uterus is currently the size of a 12 week pregnancy, and I'm now begining to experience symptoms again! Ugh! Looking back, being symptom free for 7 years was worth the surgery. But now I may be looking at another! Special note: If you do have a myomectomy and later eventually get pregnant, you will probably need a cessarean section, as your uterus had been cut prior (weakened) and may be dangerous to you and baby if in labor with a natural delivery. If you want children, and are experiencing serious symptoms from your fibroids, I wouldn't knock the myomectomy to buy yourself some time for a future pregnancy. The myomectomy worked perfectly for me- the only real downside is that the tumors will probably return at some point years later, but meanwhile you will be free to have children before that time comes again. Good luck!!!



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