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Palpable lump on right breast with ultrasound
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llecrone - May 25

Hello, I saw a breast surgeon today at a breast care clinic for a nodule above my left breast. He did a clinical breast exam and found a palpable lump on my right breast. He brought in a portable ultrasound to use over my left breast and said that was perfectly normal. When he got to my right breast he did not say anything, he paused, and told the technician to freeze there, and then moved it slightly and had the technician freeze there as well. Then he said let me go take these pictures and look at your last mammogram. He came back in and said that my last mammogram was in Feb 11 and it was normal, but the ultrasound confirmed the lump he felt so he was ordering me another ultrasound to "let the experts" take a look at it, because I have very dense breasts. He told me to schedule the ultrasound (which takes place in the breast care clinic) when he is in so that I can see him immediately afterwards so we can discuss the "next step". I was kind of surprised about it all since that is not why I went there, and didn't ask any questions. As soon as I left I began thinking of all kinds of questions...what did he see, if he had 25 years experience as a surgeon shouldn't he know if it was cystic or not, was he concerned, was it a mass, was he sure it was not a cyst, should I be worried, etc. I am almost 44 years old. I feel like he had enough experience that he was concerned and wanted the breast imaging center radiologist to confirm what he thought he saw. However, they were unable to get me in for ultrasound for 4 weeks, so it's scheduled for June 28th. Should I be concerned? I know that dense breasts can mask tumors or masses. Could it be a cyst, or do you think the doctor would have easily (based on his experience) ruled it a cyst. Could it be a lipoma? What is the chance it could be cancer? Thank you!!


Athena - May 28

I'm not qualified to suggest what you may have, but I would recommend that you try to get your ultrasound done asap...without being unduly worried or over-anxious about it...is there another place you could go to get it done earlier?
On my husband's urging, I had my first-ever mammogram done on April 21st (I'm 57) and in the 5 weeks since then, I have had a repeat mammogram, ultrasound, u/s-guided biopsy, MRI, lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy. I had my surgery 3 days ago and am back home, feeling fine..my cancer is IDC and as far as we know, it's been caught at an early stage. I believe in being safe rather than sorry,so I should definitely have started having mammograms earlier. I am grateful to my husband and the medical staff who helped me get moving on this without any undue delays. Do not panic, keep a cool head. Read a lot, ask heaps of questions and do not stop asking until you have all the answers you want or need (knowledge is power). Good luck!



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