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Pelvic Pain /left side
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jwinner2 - December 31

I have been getting pain in the left lower abdomen, I thought it wa cysts on my ovaries as I have had them before and had them removed. I also had endometrosis removed. This time when I had the ultra sound there was no sign of anything. I did get two pap tests come back abnormal and now have to have a biopsy done. But thi spain on left side bothers me, it seems to be related to period time and at times it gets real bad and then I get the diarreah(sp). does anyone have any clue what this might be since it is nnot the cysts?


BErmygirl - January 6

I have pain also in my lower left pelvic area..It is like a sharp pain ...almost like a knot that never goes away. it is constant.
Here's a bit of history and hopefully i will get some answers:
Had an IUD for 3.5years; had it taken out july2007 so as to have another addition to our family (have a 6 year old already) Since which I have been unable to get pregnant and had been having pressure in my pelvic area. I've had an hsg/hysteroscopy and D&C and i was told that my left fallopian tube was blocked and that polyps where found..(don't know what that all means). Periods are irregular (differing in length of mense days in between each menstrual period. Sometime appears as spotting for one period while other times full bleeding ,with heavy clotting and at times very painful.-no one has said miscarriage;could at one time it came twice in one month)
Had ultrasounds (regular and transvag) done previous and always have been told the my endometrial lining was thicker than normal (don't know what that means either.) and that there is a possibility that I have ovarian cyst. It appears that I am ovuIating-according to fertility monitor) have had IUI to get preg.-no pregnancy. Referred to a Infertility Dr. did transvag ultrasound and saw thickening of lining on right side ; did an SHG and saw an unusual mass; further investigated with Hysteroscopy and nothing was found-but Sharp stabbing pain still persist in lower left pelvic area. Very painful. Just yesterday (Jan5,2009) went to DR. for the pain; menstrual period is 3 days late and had pain .Had pelvic exam and very tender on left ovary.DR.said my left ovary felt slightly big so had a transvag ultrasound - but thought it was nothing gynocological causing the problem-didn't see anything. Had a beta HCG done (don't know results yet). Early morning felt a little burts on lower left pelvic area and i'm now bleeding and cramping ...not sure if its period,ovarian cyst ruptured,or ectopic preg (BTW home preg test both came back neg). Called Dr. and no one has responded. SOMEONE HELP ME UNDERSTAND ALL THIS! (Sorry it is so long :() WHAT should I do?


BErmygirl - January 9

Follow up...HI Jwinner2 I have the same complaint as you notice from my last post ..I had to go to ER it was so bad and the Dr. suggest that I should get checked for endometrosis. I haven't but I will now.. Also the pain she thinks was the rupturing of the cyst (?) May have to get a Laproscopy ...not sure yet...hope you have some answers :)


finallyhere - January 10

I did the same thing and I was diagnosed with IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and my colon there was twisted. I had a colonoscopy and that's what had happened. Sometimes I believe it can happen to with a gluten (wheat) allergy.


Erika - February 6

I am sorta going through the same thing as you girls, I am 23 yo with 2 children, In april 06 I started getting a sharp stabbing pain on my left side. After several er visits and many pain killers later, my obgyn suggested laparoscopy to check for Endometriosis, had the lap done and sure enough I had severe endo. December 08 due to severe pain I had another lap done this time to get rid of some of the endo, Now its february and I am still in pain. I have to see a cancer specialist on the 23rd because there is a large mass on the RIGHT that has doubled in size since jan 19th. If it is not that then I have no idea where this pain is coming from.


whrgirl - March 12

hi im just 18 yrs n ive been experiencing similar pain to all of you .. last(09) i went to the doc. the told me i had ovarian cyst and my left ovary was rupturedand that was the reason for my pain ...since then ive been treated n the pain stopped however recently i started back gettin the same pain but even more severe than before ..sometimes i could hardly walk ..its been awhile since ive seen my last period...n im worried more than anything to be so young and going through all this pain.. i have to go back by the doc nxt week to see what my other test says.. im worried it could be cancer..



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