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Vaginal "blisters", lumps, and bumps.
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chaoticneutral - May 18

To start, I am 37, married, and have no std's. My apologies in advance for length and grossness. ;)

I get what resembles a blister periodically anywhere from the vicinity of the vaginal opening, up to the hairline. It is NOT ingrown hairs, nor is it herpes/std as I have been repeatedly tested for everything and have been monogamous for many years.

Usually, there are several at a time, but not necessarily near each other. They are very random in both location and number per outbreak. I would say 2-3 would be typical, most recently one on the right side, near the vaginal opening, midway between opening and hairline, on the outer labia, one on the left side, higher up (toward the clitoris) and nearly at the hairline, and one very close to the clitoris. These occur only in the soft/wet inner tissues within the closed lips, never on the outside of the lips or anywhere else. Very commonly also occur on the ridge of the labia minora or deep in creases at the base of the vaginal structures. They are not painful, unless located such that they are agitated by normal movement, or if they are deeper. The bumps are largish, from the size of a pea to the size of a jellybean, usually squishy/softish (if deep the lump is harder), and usually easy to pop. They discharge a pussy/bloody fluid after which the area may be slightly sore for a day or two then the area is back to normal. They are reddish/irritated looking and shiny (from the tissue being stretch i assume), not whitish at all. They seem to occur after sex, however, they occur unrelated to sex as well. This began about three/four years ago, i have not always had this condition.

what is it?!!! has anyone else had anything similiar? It is utterly embarrassing and makes me feel disgusting. :(


ayr - December 22

I am 28 and I am having the same, is exactly how you describe it and mine develope after having sex. I have been tested for any std's and I am hoping that is not herpes. I am going to see the doctor tomorrow and I hope is curable, this is the first time I get something like this.


SMalik031283 - May 9

Did you find out what this was? Im starting to have them and I also have no stds.


baby_carter20 - May 16

im soo glad that there are others that are experincing this to. i am 24 years old and 23 weeks pregnant i just figured out tonight that i have these some what looking blisters on the inside of my lips i have been tested and NO STDS. i to had sex then started feeling weird down there, im so scared that its going to infect the baby or its something serious i think that i might have a yeast infection and thats what i thought was causing this but my story is matching up with everyone else its seems like im going to make a Doctors appt tmrw and hopefully everything goes ok. cross ur fingers.


cocoama - May 23

i have the same issue. it started a year ago. it wasn't an STD or anything. it is happening again as we speak. it is very painful.


bugerjade - June 13

I have the exact same thing but I am a bit younger. I have only ever had on e partner and I know he has had very few, but they do seem to occur after sex. It is weird and does make it embarrassing and makes you feel disgusting. Can someone please help? What are these things?


lovelylady0814 - June 16

omg...i'm not alone!! thank God for the internet. I've been married for 3 years, in a monogomous relationship for a total of 6. my husband and i separated last year & i did step outside my marriage...sorry....but with one person. anyway, i've been tested twice since then...nothing....but these "blisters" keep popping up every other month or so. SCARES the hell out of me everytime. I just relocated from GA to FL so I plan to ask my new OBGYN....but again, I am just put to ease a little to know that i am not the only one. Whew....the things we go through as women. The greatest creatures on earth!!! Hope we all solve our problem ladies!!


poofyhair990 - August 23

you guys keep mentioning after sex, I think you may be talking about bartholin cysts. hope this helps



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