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We started using a condoms that contain nonoxynol 9.  Could I have a reaction to that?

It can be. We see reactions to vaginal foam that contains nonoxynol 9 but it's hard to tell if its that specifically or some of the other carrying agents used. The only way to tell with the condom is either going back to a brand you previously used or abstinence for long enough to tell if the problem goes away.

This is an area where you will need to be your own detective with trial and error of different materials/substances that that area comes in contact with.

It went away -- lasted only two days. everything seems normal. No itching, burning, or smell. guess everything is fine and it's just a contact thing like you said....?

Odorous vaginal discharge

I've been having abnormal discharges (thick and have an odor) for a while now...is this vaginitis? and since I've had this problem for so long...could I have become sterile? Is there any medication that I can use to help that does not require a prescription? I don't feel comfortable talking about this with my parents let alone my doctor...please reply back with your suggestions and input...it would be greatly appreciated.

An odorous vaginal discharge can sometimes be a symptom of bacterial vaginitis. It should be checked out. I know you may feel uncomfortable talking about this with your doctor, but that's what the doctor is there for.

This is a common problem that your doctor has heard many times before. If you avoid bringing it up, the poor doctor will go out of business! In general, vaginitis doesn't cause sterility.

If you get a sexually transmitted disease, that can cause sterility. The doctor checks for that by doing a cervical culture or smear at the time of a vaginal exam.

As far as home remedies, the only thing I know of would be douching. In this process you are rinsing out any vaginal or cervical secretions so that bacteria have less material on which to produce odorous causing chemicals.

There actually is evidence that regular douching seems to increase the incidence of vaginal infections. However, if you already have a problem, douching is often effective in reducing the symptoms.

Betadine douche is one still recommended by many physicians. If the symptoms don't clear up after douching 3 times a week for one or two weeks, you really should see your doctor.

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