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Condom in Daughter's Room!
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sbernaba - December 31

I just found a condum under my daughter's bed when i was cleaning. I'm completely freaked out and have no idea what to do when she gets home from school. help!


amhpgseverino - October 2

so first i'd want to lock her in a convent. oh man! but, it sounds like you might need to be a little more careful about who she has in her room and what she's doing in there!


beth - October 2

You need to calm down, now. First of all, your daughter is showing she's responsible enough to have protected sex. Better she has sex than she dies of an std, right? Get your head around that idea, first!


schoendienst - October 2

Wow, that would really freak me out, too. Sounds like you need to have a GOOD talk with her about committment.


thurmond - October 2

Don't tell your husband, cuz if u think u freaked out, wait till he finds out. Better he doesn't, believe me.


sophia - October 2

First of all, I'm with beth. Better a live daughter, no matter what she's been doing. Good for her she used a condom. Maybe in this day and age, we don't have the right to moralize too much, since STDs are such a prob. We don't want to scare off our kids too much by coming down all heavy on them. Better to keep the lines of communication open I think.


nicolaruijne - October 2

Wuz it a used condum?


alaska_gurlly - October 2

exactly nicolaruijne - was it a used condom? kids play with all kinds of stuff, condums included. and sophia, its all good to keep the lines open but by not giving strong leadership and solid guidelines we leave kids stranded to make decisions they aren't ready for. i say build bridges of communication with strong supports rather than being afraid of being too moral. hell, the world could use some morality


rosemary - October 5

so, i'm just wondering if you got around to doing anything about the condom and what happened. if what you do works i'll tell my friend about it cuz she's got a teenage daughter who spends way too much time in her room with certain friends


brandiboo86 - October 5

dont kill her. but you have to talk to her about it so maybe instread of blowing up you could ask about what she does with her friends in her room and then watch for her reaction. maybe it wasn't her. we can hope, cant we? but youll know if it ws cuz shes your child. then you have to talk about it


kristenldavis0824 - February 20

Ask her about it... just sit down w/ her and explain to here the possibilities and what could happen also I would ask her if she wants to go on the pill too. Not only does it give a backup but it can help her regulate periods and if she has acne clear it up some. Some of the others have a good point it is better she is using condoms then not using anything at all. I would take her to planned parent hood and show her all the pictures of the STDs and tell her that this is why she needs to ALWAYS use a condom although abstinence is best. If you yell at her or come across to harsh she might want to rebel and do it just to spite you. but if you just try to take a deep breathe and understand she'll be willing to be open w/ you about these things… just stay strong… as for not telling the husband like Thurmond said I don’t recommend that, in my book that a good way to start a fight her father has the right to know what’s going on in his little girls life too… besides sometimes daddy need to put the fear of god into some little boy to get the point across


ryan - April 7

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someone - November 30

This happend when I was 19,first time I had sex ever and with my serious boyfriend..my dad freaked out and got mad. Today my bf and I are still together.



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