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pregnant right after a period
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jenny27 - December 31

my question is , my period just went off 2 days ago and i started spotting when i urinated. it wasn't old blood either, it was pink. i have 2 children already but we are trying to concieve another one.can i get pregnant right after my period goes off?


shannon - October 22

That may have not been your period. That may have been implantation bleeding. How long have you been TTC? I would take a PT in a couple of weeks just to see. Or you could go to your Dr. to get a blood test done. They are more accurate anyway. I have been TTC for about 2 months now. Having all these symptoms but nothing yet....Good luck.


jenny27 - October 22

it was definately my period because i took a pregnancy test a couple of days before it came on. so unfortunately that was not the case. however the spotting after was only the one time so i thought maybe you can get pregnant and have inplantation right after the period. i had been taking clomid a fertility drug so i do not know exactly how much or how many times i will ovulate each month.


shannon - October 22

You can still get pregnant. My aunt had a period the whole time she was pregnant. The doctors kept telling her she had a tumor. Of course this was back in the day. But you could still be prego.


jenny27 - October 23

thanks shannon for the info. it may not be this month but you helped give me some hope. oh and good luck with ttc! have a great day!


Baylor - November 2

pls i hv a question, my period was on 28th August 2008, i had sex wth my ex-fiance accidentally on 4th september 2008 wthout a condom but release sperm outside me. on 9th september i had sex all night wthout any protection wth my present man and he sure released sperm inside me all thru the number of times we made love that night, on 20th october, i was confirmed 7.5weeks pregnant thru an ultrasound. which of these act of sex could be responsible for my pregancy? am confuse, help me plz am going crazy


shannon - November 6

They count your weeks from the day of your last period. So really for like a week or week and a half you're really not pregnant. Try to figure it out from there.


marie Lee - September 5

hayo! this is my first time posting.. so bare. anyway i am not trying to conceive with my fiance' yet, but i have a question. ive seen that there is a percentage that pre cum can get you pregnant and i was wondering if i might be pregnant because i did have unprotected sex... then my period came a week before it was due it was regular flow buttt..... the very next day after my period i started spotting brown and pinkish stuff for a few days! that never happened to me before! took test before period cuz i was feelin sick sore breast and shooting pain in stiomach.. both were negative and now i dont got any sore breast or any pain or nausea so wut do any of you think? thanks


Miller.H - February 1

Okay I have had a tubal liagation almost 7 years ago. I took a pregnacy test because I felt like I was pregnant. It was negative and two days later I started what I belived was my period, but it was a week early. I experianced incredible pain and was in bed for the intire day and was passing alot of blood and clots. Needless to say I went through 4 tampons within 1 hour. My period then alomst stopped three days later. And came back lighter two days later, which is unusal for me. Could I have possibly had a miscarriage or did stress trigger it to come along early? If anyone has had this experiance maybe the could relief!


kristen22 - February 18

Hey everyone im new here....ive been trying to figure out if i can get pregnant right after my period. Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex a week ago saturday and i was finished my period the day before we had sex. I was on birth control but that was about almost 11 months ago when i stopped taking it. Does anyone have any advice or answers for me and how long should i wait to take a test? thanks hear from you soon!!!


snickers1271 - April 10

ok i have a question. i had unprotected sex on april 2nd, and my period came on the 6th, and went off on the 8th. but now today i noticed i was spotting again, and im having some cramping but its not hurting. can someone tell me what that can be, or is it possible that im pregnant?


sam_8190 - April 17

Ive had my period but ive always had nausea for close to 4 months know. ive also had pregnancy symptoms do you think i could be pregnant?


BMOE - January 6

so this is really recent... and i know that i might be freaking out for no reason... my husband and I had sex on january 5th 2014 the day after my period (but i thought that i was still on) it was unprotected sex. could i get pregnant the day or days after? all so i know its good to wait till my next missed period to take a PT test but if i was to take one early would it be as accurate? today ( january 6th) i have been feeling a slight pain in my left ovary.. could that mean that im ovulating? i have normal periods every month... sorry that there is a lot to answer.. any kind of response would be awesome!! :)


CC323 - January 10

Okay so I too have a question..my period ended January 1st I had sex on January 4th (Saturday) January 5th (Sunday) i had cramping a lot. Well Monday I started to spot. And have been spotting since. Its not heavy at all and NOT like my regular periods. Its weird. Anyway my friend told me its possible I could be pregnant but im not sure. Has this happend to anyone else? Could I be pregnant? Any answers will help. Hasn't happened to me at all. And plus my period tracker said I was fertile on the day I had sex and the days I've been spotting. I ovulate January 9th. Any answers are helpful. Thanks. :)


shannon - January 10

Bmoe. To answer ur questions. Yes it's way too early to test. The earliest u can test & get an accurate result is about 2 or 3 days before ur missed period. Even then it can be too early depending on the level of hormones. I get pains in my ovaries all the time. It can be ovulation. But it can be tiny cysts rupturing too. Many women have those. They r called recurring ovarian cysts.
Cc323...to answer ur questions...I highly doubt that u r pregnant. Maybe so but u won't be able to tell or test after 5 days of getting pregnant. I have ha 3 children & 4 pregnancies. Each one was different. But the similarities is that with 3 of those pregnancies I had implantation bleeding. Spotting & to some degree was so bad with one I thought I was on my period for 2 days & it quit. This happened about a week before I was supposed to start. The egg has to implant into ur uterus before it will start to release/increase ur hormones so the pt can even detect ur pregnant. I hope this helps y'all.


confused1994 - January 11

Okay so I ma new at this but I have a really important question. I started my period 1/1 and ended it FOR SURE on 1/8 . I know for a fact it ended because I was not bleeding on the 7th or the 8th. Okay so this has never happened to me before but on the 9th i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time and I am not a virgin but i read that if you haven't had sex for a long period of time that your tissue can grow back and when you have sex the male can rip that tissue again thats why there would be blood after sex. But anyways we had sex and i got up and saw there was blood on his bed. not alot but just a little bit. I have no idea what it was from. And now i am still spotting. I have no idea what it is from. This has never happened to me with my ex. We used protection but i just dont understand. its the 11th and i am STILL spotting. Someone help me please.


Ahana73 - January 13

I have missed my periods from last 4 months not because of pregnanacy but before 5 days i have sex. Is there is any chance to become pregnant?



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