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schoendienst - December 31

I heard that if you want to get pregnant, you should putn pilows under your tush during sex. That sounds kind of xdumb. Is this just an urban legend or soemthing?


beth - September 25

I heard that too. I guess it makes sense, cause it helps those little spermy dudes get to where they're going, right?


thurmond - September 25

LOL. Beth, that's funny...spermy dudes. Will have to remember that. Schoendienst, it can't hurt to try, if you're TTC. I did hear that if you have a retroverted uterus (tilted backward), doggy style is the right position. I know that sounds weird, but the idea is to work with gravity.


sophia - September 25

I don't know about during sex, but after sex, yeah, it's supposed to help. I heard that laying on your left side works, too, but I heard that from someone Jewish. I think it's a religious custom or something like that.


nicolaruijne - September 25

Oh, that sounds like a lot of bullpuckey, if you'll excuse my french. I can't see how putting your tush up in the air can make any difference in whether or not you get preggers. I bet Adam and Eve didn't do that and it worked out fine for them (even if one of their boys went wrong ;-)


christa - September 25

i put my legs up after sex--youve got to hold the sperm in. can't let it leak out before it does the job. worked for me. no longer need to keep trying.


missinglink - December 29

Uterus (tilted backward) use Missionary Position, and for uterus (tilted forward) use Doggy Style. Works every time ;)


MELISSA - January 16

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