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Cervical Pain

From the Woman's Diagnostic Cyber - Frederick R. Jelovsek MD

Cervix and Pap Smear Problems - Chronic cervical pain

I have had cervical pain (aching and stabbing) for over five years. Originally, I thought it was bladder related, because often the "episodes" make me have urinary frequency and urgency, and there is some pain just after urination.

The doctors I saw told me that I was fine, but that my cervix was red and irritated which they said was normal for women on the pill, such as myself. Finally, about 4 years ago, I began to have breakthrough bleeding and I realized that it was actually my cervix causing the pain.

I saw a number of gynecologists, all of whom told me that it was impossible for me to feel pain in my cervix due to the lack of nerve endings to the surface. My bleeding continued, my pills were changed several times, but the pain worsened.

Though all of my paps have come back normal, and I have had a colposcopy and a cervical biopsy (which showed only that I have glands on the outside of the cervix), the doctors finally said that the cervix bleeds to the touch and that I have chronic cervicitis for which there is nothing I can do.

I am uninsured and at the end of my rope! I am in pain constantly, sometimes with itching too, and I worry about this "infection" becoming systemic and not being treatable. I haven't been able to have intercourse with my husband for months! Is there ANYTHING I can do to help myself??

Recently I have noticed that it is aggravated by certain foods, i.e., tomatoes and mustard greens.

The cervix can "evert" somewhat due to OCPs. That puts glandular skin on the outside. Usually the acidity of the vaginal secretions cause a healing over of that glandular epithelium. If there is infection there, it doesn't heal well.

There are nerve endings in the cervix. They are less dense than other areas but some women have a quite sensitive cervix.

I assume the doctors have given you some courses of antibiotics. If not, erythromycin is a good one to use. If you've tried that, and are not allergic to sulfa, some of the topical cervical creams may also be useful.

Make sure your doctor has done a herpes smear. Sometimes a herpes cervicitis can present this way.

As far as topical treatment that you yourself can use, I would guess that douching might help but I'm not sure what to tell you to use. Usually we don't recommend it, but sometimes Betadine® douche can help.

I just wanted to extend my appreciation for your time and advice. I have ordered all of my medical records and plan to take them to a gyn and pay out of pocket (if I can afford it) and will follow your advice to have a herpes test and/or request some antibiotics. Thanks again!

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