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If this is happening everyday regardless of sexual relations, it may represent an active urine infection that has not been well treated or just keeps coming back.

If you think it is just burning because the urine hits an irritated vulva, try to void when you get up in the morning by sitting in a bath tub and void in the water. If the burning is not present then, it is because of vulvar irritation and that is what needs to be checked out. If the burning is still present, it is urethral in origin and that should be the focus of diagnosis.

Another woman responds: I have in the past (first few years of marriage) gone through a similar situation that you described. Save yourself some time and pain--ask your doctor to do a "culture" of your urine.

Sometimes the Bactrim® won't clear up certain infections and you need to custom prescribe for it. After they did this, my infection was quickly cleared up. Also, make sure they check your blood sugar. These are small, legitimate tests to ask for that are more than reasonable to justify asking your doctor to perform. The HMO should not object. I am not a doctor but sometimes you have to be your own advocate.

Clitoral pain - is surgery needed?

Since my daughter started puberty, she has had problems with clit-pain. Their doctor says that her clit-hood is too narrow and if her clitoris is erect the hood cannot slide away. He says that her hood must be removed completely.

Can you tell me more about this op?

This is a female circumcision procedure. It is not recommended or necessary and there are worldwide efforts being made to ban its use.

Which risk has it?

Disfigurement mostly. Sometimes it just exposes sensitive tissue to more constant irritation especially if a woman wears pads during menstruation.

Will her sexuality be affected?

Yes it can. This often affects self-image and might make a women more self-conscious during sexual relations.

In the rare case of pthimosis (narrowing, stricture) of the clitoral hood, only a small incision needs to be made so the hood can retract. Then keep something like petrolatum gel or vegetable oil on the cut surfaces until it heals (about 7-10 days). The entire hood does not need to be removed.

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1. Vulvar conditions
2. Irritations
3. Vulvitis
4. Clitoral pain
5. Pain from vulvar veins
6. Vestibulitis
7. Vulvodynia
8. Irritant vulvitis
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