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Varicose veins of the vulva

I have varicose veins of the legs, vagina and vulva. I have 8 children. During my last three pregnancies, these veins were quite severe and the vaginal/vulvar ones were particularly swollen.

After birth, the veins have receded remarkably well considering how bad they were. My baby is now 5 months old. I had a vaginal hysterectomy 5 1/2 weeks ago. Internal bleeding, abdominal incision to locate the source of bleeding, 6 units transfused.

I was hoping that the hysterectomy would take some of the stress/pressure away from the vaginal/vulvar veins but now that I am on my feet and back too much of the time, I feel that these veins are just as painful if not more so. What's going on here? Did I do something wrong?

Did something affect these veins during surgery? Do I just need to be more patient in my recovery?

5 1/2 weeks is too soon to tell about the varicosities. They may still improve as swelling in the pelvis subsides. It's difficult to say at this point how bad they will be. It won't be until about 3 months after surgery that you can tell their baseline rate. In your case it might be a month to 6 weeks longer because of the post operative complication you had.

This unlikely to be due to anything you have done. You can help though, by wearing good support hose during the recovery process.

The leg ones aren't too bad -- would the support hose help the vaginal/vulvar veins?

You have to get fitted pantyhose to help the vulvar ones but any support of any of the veins makes less stretching of the veins.

Itching after sex using condoms

Each time my husband and I use a condom to prevent pregnancy, I end up with redness and itching (about 12 hours later). Could this be an allergic reaction to the condom? I am not allergic to latex gloves. The condom was free of spermicide but did have a lubricant. HELP !! I was going to the doctor next month to get a diaphragm, but aren't those latex?

Yes. You are probably having a contact allergy. Most often it is the lubricant and not the latex. You have to be your own detective to determine which brand is the problem.

There are unlubricated condoms you can try and then add Replens as a lubricant. You may want to try the Replens first to make sure you don't react to it but it is one of the least reactive ones to try. Let us know.

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