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Weight Gain After a Partial Hysterectomy

A partial hysterectomy, when the ovaries are left and the uterus is removed, presents a different scenario for weight gain than a full hysterectomy does.

Weight gain with a partial hysterectomy may be the result of restricted blood flow to the pelvic area after the removal of the uterus. Less blood translates into a drop in hormone production, which in turn affects the way your body burns fat and uses calories.

The other reason for weight gain with a partial hysterectomy is the recovery period after the surgery. You will be told to lay low for a month to two months, restricting your physical activity which causes your metabolism to slow down.

This does not have to be a permanent situation and a consultation with a reproductive health specialist can be useful in helping you rid yourself of the excess weight.

Weight Gain After a Full Hysterectomy

When the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the uterus are removed, the procedure is called a radical hysterectomy or full hysterectomy. If cancer is present, then even more tissue may be removed to ensure the disease is interrupted sufficiently.

Your ovaries have a variety of functions, among them the production of several different hormones that help to regulate metabolism and body weight.

When hormone production drops due to non-function of the ovaries (the same thing that happens in menopause), weight can be gained. There is a decreased flow of blood to the pelvic area that manifests as increased fat in the abdominal area. The abdominal fat is largely attributable to the imbalance between estrogen and androgens.

Androgens are male hormones that are present in both sexes, although there are many more in men. After a hysterectomy, estrogen and progesterone levels drop causing androgen levels to rise.

This rise in androgens causes weight gain and increased fat deposits in the abdomen especially, along with other parts of the body. Bioidentical hormone replacement is a valid way to bring balance back into the body.

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