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Cord Blood Banking

Here in our section devoted to cord blood banking you will get all of the information you need about the different types of cord blood banks, which type of bank is best for your family's needs, how to go about cord blood banking, and the costs of cord blood banking.  Get the answers to all of your cord blood questions today!

Deciding To Cord Blood Bank

After careful consideration, you've made the decision to bank your baby's umbilical cord blood. But what is your IQ when it comes to the actually banking process? What you don't know could come back to haunt you-- so make sure you've got all the facts about cord blood banking before you make any final decisions.  Find out the statistics about how many babies will ever really need their cord blood to cure an illness and weigh this statistic against the cost of cord blood banking.  If you still decide to bank your baby's cord blood, then you will need to read on to decide whether you are interested in a public or private cord blood bank.  

Public VS. Private Cord Blood Banking

For example, before choosing a cord blood bank, you'll want to find out about the regulations governing cord blood banking so you can be sure you are choosing a bank that has been federally approved. You'll also want to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of public banks and private banks, since you will ultimately have to decide which one you will be using. Find out the types of donation options that are made available for parents deciding to donate at a public cord blood bank.

Did you know  that you will only have access to your own baby's cord blood if you choose private cord blood banking?  However this option is very expensive and often unnecessary for most children.  However, you can choose to donate your baby's cord blood to someone in need by offering the cord blood to a public cord blood bank.  This option is free and could save someone's life.

Also get information on the procedures involved in cord blood banking and find out how the stem cells are collected during the birth for banking purposes.  

Prices And Cord Blood

And let's face it, for all the possible good that can come out of cord blood banking, many people still have to be concerned with the bottom line. Find out about what the pricing involved in the process, as well as how you can make it more affordable.  Learn more about how much private cord blood banking costs and access whether or not this is something you should budget for when your baby is born.

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