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Stem Cells

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding stem cells and the ethics of stem cell research. But before you form an opinion, make sure you have all the facts. It's a good idea to start by familiarizing yourself with exactly what stem cells are. Then learn about the different types and sources of stem cells- including embryonic stem cells- so you can see exactly what each type is used for.  Also get more information on the many uses of stem cells for curing diseases and make an informed decision about what you think of all the controversy.  

Finding A Match

Be sure to get the basics on stem cell therapy, including how stem cells form into particular cells and an overview on what it means to find a "perfect match" for a transplant. Did you know that the survival rate for patients receiving stem cell transplants is much higher than that of those receiving bone marrow transplants?  Find out more.  Get the facts from A to Z about how stem cells are harvested, stored and matched with patients for potential transplants.  Also find out why stem cell transplants have a higher success rate than bone marrow transplants.  What makes stem cells so much better?  Get answers to all of your questions right here in our section devoted to stem cells!

Importance Of Stem Cells

Finally, get the facts on the issues of stem cells and what they could mean to you and your family.  Also get more information regarding the controversy surrounding stem cell research and find out why so many are opposed to the study and use of stem cells.  Also check out our articles on the many uses of stem cells and learn more about the potential of these cells to cure many common diseases.  Find out why the medical community believes stems cells are so important and learn more about their potential to cure many common diseases.  

Up to Date and Informed

Get all of the most updated information and recent research about stem cells right here in our stem cell section.  We'll keep you up-to-date on everything you need to know about stem cells, stem cell research and treatments that can be performed with stem cell transplants.  Also learn more about cord blood banking and about how to preserve your baby's stem cells for a possible future cure.  Find out what kind of odds your baby has for ever needing the cord blood and decide if you are best off banking with a private cord blood bank or a public cord blood bank.  Get all of the information you need today!

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