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Cord Blood

Stem cells are life saving yet controversial.  You have probably heard all of the latest and greatest debates about stem cell use and stem cell research on the news.  Get the real facts about stem cells and learn how stem cells can make a big impact on your life.  Here in our section devoted to Cord Blood we tackle the issue of cord blood banks and stem cell transplants and allow you to really see what all the controversy is about.  Decide if cord blood banking is right for you and your baby and get all of the facts on the many uses of stem cells and how they can be used to treat many diseases.

Cord Blood Banks

Making the decision to bank your baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells is an important one, but how do ou know which bank is the right one for you? From the types of blood banks to pricing and accreditation, be sure that final decision is the right one.  Get the facts of about private and public cord blood banking and learn the differences between these two forms of cord blood banking.  Decide which type of bank is right for you, if either, and make an informed decision about what to do with your baby's cord blood.  

Cord Blood

Not knowing just what cord blood is or how it is collected can make this life saving technology seem beyond your grasp. From the collection and storage process to the long list of diseases cord blood stem cells can treat, the science behind stem cells is really quite simple!  Learn everything you ever wanted to know about cord blood right here!

Stem Cell Transplants

A lot can go into performing a transplant. From finding a match to worries over graft vs. host disease, find out more how cord blood stem cells can make having a transplant easier.  Learn more about stem cell transplants, the differences between this type of transplant and bone marrow transplants and find out which option is best for certain forms of disease.  

Stem Cells

Find out what a stem cell really is and get the facts on the many potential uses for these amazing cells.  Also read up on the many scientific studies involving stem cells and learn more about the many potential diseases stem cells have the ability to cure.  Also find out more about the controversy surrounding stem cells and find out why there is such opposition to research involving these cells.  Learn more about stem cells today so that you can make an informed opinion about the stem cell controversy based on facts.  

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