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Odorless,jelly-like vaginal discharge

I have a condition where there is a white odorless jelly like(sometimes liquid)discharge from my vagina. I have been having this for some time. I am really worried about this. Could you please let me know if this is normal and if it not what I should do about it.

This is often normal but different for you. As long as there is no odor, no discolor and no itching or burning, it is not worrisome. It may be a change for you, however. Sometimes medications, hormones, dietary changes etc., just change the amount of vaginal secretions. That's the liquid portion of the discharge. The jelly like quality is sometimes mucous from the cervix. Look for any changes you can think of right around the time the discharge changed.

What Is Normal Vaginal Discharge?

Yellow to slightly greenish vaginal secretion

More times than not, I have a yellow to slightly greenish secretion from my vagina. These secretions burn the inside tissues of my labia making the entire vulva area swollen and tender to touch. Looking in a mirror, in addition to the irritated vulva, I can see that the skin around the bartholin ducts is fire red. Do you have any guess what this could be? It doesn't particularly itch and has a slightly watery consistency. However, there have been a few times that this secretion has been of a thicker consistency. Please help. I have cotton pads between the lips to keep the moisture off the tissues.

A yellow-greenish discharge is often a trichomonas vaginal infection and sometimes a bacterial vaginitis. You need to see a doctor for diagnosis and treatment; there is not much you can do on your own about it except perhaps use petrolatum gel (Vaseline®) on the reddened area of the labia to protect them from bad irritation until you get the discharge treated.

The inflammation and pain has decreased along with the discharge after I applied compresses of "Tucks" just to the entrance of the vagina and on the vulva. I still have an inkling of pain that radiates somewhat into my back but nothing to complain about. I did notice last night that there was some bright red blood coming from deep within my vagina. Do you think that I need to have whatever is growing cultured or can a doctor tell what's going on from an examination?

Usually an examination, together with possible pH testing (touch a Q-tip to discharge and then to pH paper) and a wet prep (drop of discharge mixed with saline and placed on a slide to look at microscopically), are enough to make the diagnosis.

I'm glad your symptoms are improving but you still need to get it diagnosed. If it is a trichomonas infection or a bacterial vaginitis and isn't treated, it will probably just keep recurring.


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i have been experiencing a strong vaginal odor after sex, and has been bothering me.. there's no yeast, or pain or anything, but just that annoying, smelly discharge. what should i do?
12 years ago
recently I have been getting a single round "cut" I originally thought it was from shaving so put it to the side but I just saw one today it is between my vagina and but. It is not watery or red and it doesnt hurt unless I am messing with it. I am getting really worried its something bad can you help me?
13 years ago