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Blue veins on breasts (non pregnant)

What besides pregnancy can cause blue veins to appear on a woman's breasts? There are not sticking out of the skin like varicose veins, but look like blue lines on them. I am 20 years old, quite fair skinned and on the pill (Alesse®). I had some normal breast enlargement from the pill. Should I be concerned?

Has there been any discharge from the breasts? Are there any abnormal lumps or bumps? Does this occur in one or both breasts?

In response to your questions I have no discharge and no really unusual bumps, although my breasts are "lumpy" by nature and have been from day one on the pill. The veins are on both breasts, but one seems to be worse than the other and the enlargement from the pill did make my left breast a little bit bigger than the right.

The veins are most likely due to the breast enlargement that you got with the pills. Any time an organ system or tissue enlarges, more arterial and venous blood supply is formed. Some women just show it more than others.

Your breasts must be sensitive to the estrogen in the pills. This is more common in women under 20 but can happen any age. This is of no concern unless the increase in breast size bothers you. You are on a low dose pill but a different formulation might help.

If you try a different formulation, I would suggest one that has a higher progestin potency, e.g., Demulen®, because the progestin may counteract the estrogen's effect on enlarging the breast. There is no scientific evidence that I know of that this will work, but it shouldn't make things worse.

Mondor's disease - thrombophlebitis of the breast

I have a diagnosis of Mondor's syndrome which is an inflammatory condition of the breast. I cannot find any information that is helpful on the web. Can you help?

Mondor's disease of the breast is a superficial thrombophlebitis of the veins of the breast. Usually it is associated with a history of trauma to the breast.

Sometimes it can be associated with breast cancer such as an inflammatory carcinoma of the breast. Your doctors will want to follow you closely with mammograms over time. I've included below some abstracts including one in which this was caused by jellyfish stings!

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