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Mondor's disease of the breast resulting from jellyfish sting

Med J Aust 1992 Dec 7;157(11-12):836-837: Ingram DM, Sheiner HJ, Ginsberg AM
Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, Nedlands, Wa.

OBJECTIVE: To present two cases of Mondor's disease of the breast resulting from jellyfish stings in Western Australia.

CLINICAL FEATURES: A 30-year-old Caucasian woman presented with a palpable thickened cord in her right breast. The straightness of the cord suggested a thrombosed lymphatic. A 50-year-old Caucasian woman presented with an obvious palpable cord extending most of the length of her left breast. Mammography demonstrated no abnormality. Both women reported having been stung by jellyfish a month earlier.

INTERVENTION AND OUTCOME: As Mondor's disease is a benign, self-limiting disease, the patients were reassured and reviewed routinely. In each case, the condition settled spontaneously over a period of several weeks.

CONCLUSION: Jellyfish stings should be recognised as an unusual variant of the numerous causes which have been described for Mondor's disease.

What determines breast size and shape?

What determines the shape of the nipple and breast? Is there anything you can do to alter it (with or without going to a doctor?)

The breast changes in size and shape due to estrogen after menarche. By about age 18 in most women the breasts are at their adult size and shape. Pregnancy, menopause, and of course weight gain or loss can alter size.

I'm not sure there is much that can change things other than what you may already be aware of, i.e., failing to wear support bras may result in breasts becoming lower and lengthening.

Theoretically, tightly binding the breasts in conjunction with weight loss and exercise may cause the breasts to lose more fat than the rest of the body and thus become proportionately smaller. I don't think you can change the nipples and areolas short of surgical procedures.

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1. Breast problems-nipple retraction
2. Breast reduction and nursing
3. Extra nipple
4. Polythelia
5. Blue veins on breast
6. Mondor's syndrome
7. More on Mondor's
8. Change breast shape?
9. Breast assymetry
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