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When it Comes to Weight - Don't think Big

Today, as always, what is considered thin and healthy is not the subject of consensus. If you look at the weight charts of different organizations be they diet groups, doctors or insurance companies, you’ll find that the scales don’t balance.

What you think is what you will be…

Gaining weight has a lot to do with perception, with thinking big. When you look at yourself in the mirror, don’t look at how fat you are, look at how thin you are. When you prepare or order food, don’t get the supersize portions, order from the entree menu and use salad plates. Eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of three bigger meals. Stop eating when you’re full. Eating even though you’re satisfied is like continuing to fill a gas tank when it starts overflowing. We tend to eat like we’re in competition to see how much we can fit inside.

Choose realistic goals

Our goals also have to fit to size. If we’ve been overweight a long time and really have problems dieting, it’s unrealistic to suddenly expect ourselves to lose 20 pounds overnight. Weight loss should be done in small, steady, gradual increments and maintained over time and we must celebrate every small success. That will bring us results in a big way!
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