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There is a difference between foods known as "comfort foods" and using foods as a form of comfort.  Sometimes the distinction becomes blurred as we turn to those favorite foods fed to us as children, looking for the same sense of comfort we derived from them when we were young.  When food is our friend, it helps our bodies stay strong and healthy.  When we turn to food for our comfort, it can become the source of weight gain, unhappiness and countless other mental, emotional and physical problems.

Am I hungry or eating out of emotion?

The first question to ask is "Why am I eating right now"?  If breakfast was only an hour ago, then why is there such a screaming need to eat again?  Was the meal satisfying?  Did you eat enough to be satisfied without being full?  Then what's up?  Check back over the last hour to see what occurred that could possibly trigger an emotional response.  A phone call, tension with the boss, a remark that hit you wrong - what hit the switch?  When we discover the trigger to our eating when we're not hungry, then we can do something proactive about it.

Next question, "Do I really want to eat"?  Sometimes boredom can give rise to needing to do something, and often that something is eating. So, check it out.  Is eating the answer, or is there something you could do to spend the time more effectively?

Some Suggestions

Go for a walk.  Activity outside of the home or office, such as a short walk in the park, can do a lot to take the mind off food and refresh the thinking.

Get a pet.  Puppies and kittens make great distractions and give purpose to life for many people.  Sometimes something outside of ourselves to care for can help us focus on being healthy.

Take time to rest.  Most people have at least one day off during the week, which they can spend on themselves.  Sleep in.  Lounge around with a cup of coffee and a good book. Do something nice for yourself.  Take in a movie or get out and enjoy the weather.

Give to get.  Give a compliment to someone.  It's amazing how much pleasure comes back to you when you see the pleasure on the face of the one complimented.  It can even set you up for a compliment yourself.

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