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Non prescription Premenstrual Syndrome PMS Treatments

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Literature findings:

  • Doses of vitamin B-6 up to 100 mg/day are likely to be of benefit in treating premenstrual symptoms and premenstrual depression 
  • Current evidence indicates evening primrose oil is of little value in the management of premenstrual syndrome 
  • Calcium supplementation (1000 mg calcium carbonate) is a simple and effective treatment for premenstrual syndrome 
  • Naproxen sodium is a useful and safe drug in the treatment of PMS and related menstrual pain
  • Conditioning exercise decreases premenstrual symptoms 
  • A daily supplement of 200 mg of Mg (as MgO) reduced mild premenstrual symptoms of fluid retention in the second cycle of administration (i.e., not an immediate effect) 

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