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When Can We Try Again?

Many women are very antsy after a miscarriage to try again. They want to know when they can begin to try to conceive after this disappointment. For some women, this is due to their biological clock. They are getting older and they are worried that they won't have much more time to conceive. For others, it's simply a way to move beyond the miscarriage and to look with hope and anticipation to a future attempt. It is important to understand what your doctor is saying and why he or she tells you to wait the amount of time that you are told to do so.

No Waiting Necessary

At times, you won't have to wait at all. If you miscarried very early in the pregnancy, then chances are that your body looks at the miscarriage as a cycle of your period. Your doctor may tell you that you can try to get pregnant again immediately. While it may be more difficult to figure out a due date, should you get pregnant very quickly, the doctors can almost always calculate this from an ultrasound.

Wait for One Cycle

Often times, the doctor will tell you to wait until you've had one menstrual cycle after your miscarriage. This is in order to give your body a chance to heal from the miscarriage, and to make sure that your body is back on track with your menstrual cycle. The doctor may also be recommending this because it makes it easier to track the timing of your next pregnancy and to figure out when you are due.

Three to Six Months

While most women don't want to be told to wait so long, it is often advisable to wait for three to six months before trying to get pregnant again. If you've been through a D&C, your body needs to heal and your uterine lining needs to be properly replenished before trying again. If you lost the pregnancy when you were far along, your body will also need time to recover and to replenish the nutrients that you lost. While you may not realize it, you may also need that time to emotionally recover from your loss and to physically re-cooperate. This time period will allow you to deal with your emotions, to get back on track with healthy eating and exercise, and to get your body ready to accept another pregnancy.

The Final Verdict

It's very important for you to listen to your doctor's advice after a miscarriage. If you are sad about the opinion or you disagree, make sure to ask your doctor pointed questions and to get the answers that you need. Get a second opinion if you are really concerned about it. Keep in mind, however, that as much as you'd like to quickly get pregnant again, you really may need this extra time. See it as a chance to fully recover emotionally and physically and to give your body the rest that it needs. This time will fly by and you'll be ready to try to conceive again soon enough!


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