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Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding (not on hormonal contraceptives)

Frederick R. Jelovsek MD

Period twice in one month

If a teenage girl gets her period twice in one month what does that mean? is it even possible?

If one of the bleeding episodes is extra bleeding rather than a menses. It may be due to ovulation. Also if something happens to the corpus luteum gland on the ovary in the second half of the cycle, this may induce extra bleeding. Usually if the extra bleeding does not occur more than two months in a row, You don't need to have it investigated.

Bleeding 5 weeks after delivery with pain

Five weeks ago I had my third baby. It was a normal vaginal delivery with an episiotomy and no tears. My lochia turned yellowish-white around 3 weeks postpartum. Around 4 weeks postpartum I felt real tired. At 4.5 weeks I had a pain on my left side and two day later I started to bleed a dark brownish- pinky color, not bright red, and I'm still bleeding. I want to know if this is normal or should I contact my physician?

This is not uncommon. As long as you do not have a fever and as long as the bleeding is not greater than a normal menses, the doctor will probably just have you wait to see what happens further.

Or, could this mean I'm too active?

Probably not although sometimes strenuous activity can start off some spotting.

Could it be my periods returning?

It probably is not a menses but it could represent your first ovulation if you are not breast feeding.

Also, the same day I had that pain I had sex (not supposed too, until check up). Could I have caused this by having sex?

Sexual relations can sometimes start up some bleeding postpartum for the first one or two times. If it happened more than that you might need to see the doctor for a checkup.

Now, my bleeding has changed it turned bright red with a few small clots. Could there still be a piece of the placenta left?

Could be but probably not. What tissue does come out sometime later is the decidua which is the tissue between the lining of the uterus and the placenta. It takes a while to totally slough out.

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2. Continuous bleeding
3. Bleeding and stress
4. Endometrial ablation
5. Spotting after sex
6. Coagulation problems
7. Bleeding stops implantation?
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HI! i haD two period two weeks after each other last month. and this month three weeks later it came again and it lasted a week
10 years ago
Hi, im 21 years old. About three months ago i stardeed seeing irregularities between my periods. On january i started spotting since the first. I normally spot one day before my period like a worning, but this time the period never came and i kept spottng all month till feb 23. The spotting was brown and black sometimes with a little blood and no cramps, no bloating, not any PMS, odorless, no pain. In feb 23 my period came (i thought) ithe flow was normal but i noticed that there was a lot of clotting, black clotting, but this did not last much because two days after my "period" ended. And then i had nothing but spotting again but this time it was like every two days very little amount and almost any spot so i did not used a pad. I did not got my period until march 28 which this time was excessive bleeding and enormous clotting. I was using around 5 pads a day and could not sleep very well since i had to change pads. Also i felt very tired and depressed and this lasted for 15 days (april 11) of heavy flow. Then the spotting and blood ended and i thought i was back to normal, but i started spotting on april 22 and on april 24 my period came (which at first seemed normal) and this time the flow was regular/light like it used to be, though i still saw big clots. My period ended in abril 28 which was my normal period. After 3 days of normality the spotting came back but it was different, this time im spotting very little but in a certain hour of the day i bleed enough to stain my panties, but when i out on a pad i have a nickle size stain. And it is happening like this til today and is still a certain time of the day mostly in the afternoons around 5 pm and every day is more blood and i feel very tired, still no pain nor cramping nor odor but im worried. Please help :) thank you
12 years ago
Hey I am 21years old , and I am getting my menstrual twice a month for 2 months in a row.I got my regular one on the 10th Oct which was normal for 4 days and again on the 23rd Oct which is very less clotting aand bleeding this month and it happened the same in the last month for 3days that is Sept. I am also sexually active with my boyfriend for over 3years now and we have unprotected sex. When he ejaculates in me when its uncontrollable I have an i-pill. I had i-pill in Sept and Oct.This month(Oct) we had sex on 14th or 15th when I was not bleeding.And I am not on any birth control pills. Is this anything to do with the i-pill or what is it,should we be worrying about this and see a doctor,or its just hormonal changes. Please kindly reply asap. Thank You So Much. :)
13 years ago
Hi im a 36 yr old and have had prolonged bleeding for about two weeks now there is no pain just bleeding and some clots is there anyone who can help me with this thanks
13 years ago