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Ease Period Pain Naturally

Dysmenorrhoea, more commonly known as period pain, affects most women at some point in their lives and many women will experience period pain every month. Dysmenorrhoea often causes painful stomach cramps which can spread to the legs and thighs. The cramps can come as sudden spasms or exist as a dull ache.

There are many different cures for period pain, from natural remedies to prescription drugs. Pain killers purchased over the counter and some types of contraceptive pill can help ease period pain.

Traditional remedies that have been passed down through the generations can really help ease period pain. Drinking raspberry leaf tea can help reduce period pains due to it containing fragarine and tannins which work together to sooth the pain. However, raspberry tea should be drunk regularly to get the full effect.

Exercise Helps

Exercise is another good way to ease period pain and gentle exercise like walking and swimming is the best method. Menstrual cramps occur when the muscular walls of the womb contract, which compresses the blood vessels in the womb and cuts off the oxygen supply. When there is no oxygen, the womb releases chemicals which trigger pain in your body. When you exercise, the flow of oxygen around your body improves and so helps ease the pain. It's better to stay active constantly, rather than exercise while you are on your period to ease the pain. Exercising regularly will actually help prevent the pain before you're on your period.

Apply Heat

If you can't prevent the pain, then applying heat to your stomach will help ease menstrual cramps. The Daily Mail has reported that scientists have discovered exactly why holding a hot water bottle to your stomach works - the heat blocks the chemicals that trigger pain.

Massaging your stomach also works well and the NHS recommends light circular motions to ease the pain. Avoiding caffeine and salt can also ease period pain- sodium makes your body retain water which causes extra discomfort. You should also try to avoid alcohol, because it can make menstrual cramps worse.

Next time you're struggling to cope with the painful cramps, remember that there are loads of options to ease the pain. Go for a walk (if it’s not too late), grab a hot water bottle and make sure you avoid coffee and salty snacks.


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