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Endometrial ablation for heavy 8 day menses

I'm 36, have two children ages 15 and 12. I am not having any more children. My periods are very regular, but last over 8 days. No bleeding between periods. The bleeding is so bad that I have to stay at home for 2 days during my period. Another question. If I do not have submucosal fibroids can an endometrial ablation still work?

Yes, ablation is targeted at women with heavy menstrual blood loss in the ABSENCE of organic pathology such as fibroids that have failed other medical or surgical management and who no longer wish to become pregnant.

However, don't forget the numbers about success. In large studies, after ablation 25-60% had no subsequent periods, with most of the remainder having a decrease in the amount of menstrual flow. About 10% fail to improve and require another ablation or hysterectomy (about 2%).

Can prolonged menses be due to stress?

My period started on 10 days ago and it's still here. I am also very depressed these days because of some family problems. Can tension be a reason for this long time bleeding?

Tension and stress can affect ovulation which in turn affects menses. Your current bleeding however, if it is due to stress, is not due to the stress at this moment. Rather it is likely that the bleeding now represents stress in the month before this period started. The stress somehow causes a dysfunctional ovulation and then the menstrual bleeding after that is what is disturbed.

One more question..I am having pain in the lower abdomen at the left side. The pain is not severe but it is present there 24 hrs. and my bleeding got heavier for the last two days.I am concerned about the pain and heavy bleeding. Any comments?

When ovulation goes dysfunctional, there is often a follicular cyst or corpus luteum cyst on the ovary that can produce pain. There are other possibilities though such as infection, endometriosis, etc, so it would be a good idea to be checked if this pain persists.

Thanks! I am planning to see a doctor next week.

Light brown discharge 9-14 days into cycle

I'm 33 years old. I'm having a thin lightly-tinged brown discharge from my vagina. It happens about 9-14 days into my cycle. No pain or smell. I went to the gyn about 1 month ago and my pap and everything were normal. Could this be normal ovulation for me? Do you have any suggestions?

You can get ovulatory bleeding in the middle of the cycle and if it is very light, it just comes out as brown tinged as you describe. Usually it doesn't happen every month though.

Do you know that the Pap was normal or just that it was not abnormal? The reason I ask is sometimes inflammation shows up on the Pap but if you are not symptomatic with abnormal bleeding (in this case you are), then physicians usually don't notify you that the Pap shows this.

They said that the pap was "within normal limits." He told me not to worry about the light brown if it didn't continue more than a couple of days or if I didn't have pain. It doesn't happen every month. Every 2 or 3 months maybe. Sometimes only a touch, sometimes a little brown for a day or so.

That doesn't sound worrisome. If you start having bleeding more often or bleeding after sexual relations then you should return to see the doctor.

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