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Contraceptive Bleeding and Problems

by Frederick R. Jelovsek MD

Bleeding from the morning after pill

I'm a 21 y.o. with no GYN problems except perhaps single ovarian cysts giving a little pain and irregular periods for which I am about to start the pill. A week ago, following a condom breakage, I took the morning-after pill.

I was told I may have bleeding about 5 days later. I'm not sure whether what I had would count as a "bleed" (it was very light and lasted less than one day). What I want to know is: does any bleeding count as a period?

Yes it counts. Actually it's not usually a period but rather just bleeding or spotting like you had.

The other night, the condom broke again (an old pack- I should know better!) - so am I likely to be day 3 or day 18 of my cycle, in which case I may need another MAP (especially since my abnormal period length)? and is it wise to take 2 in one month? Any advice would be gratefully received.

It's not wise, but it is necessary. Go ahead.

Is light period on pills same as a missed one?

I've been taking low-dose birth control pills for several months now, and while skimming over the little pamphlet that comes with each refill, I noticed the paragraph that discusses missed periods. Assuming that one takes all their pills correctly, it says to continue as normal, and to get checked out if you miss 2 periods in a row.

My question is: Do lighter-than-what-one-is-used-to-on-the- pill periods count as "missing a period"? I have heard that such is counted as a miss, and I have also heard that any bleeding you get providing that it is at the correct time and you haven't missed any pills or taken any late, or not had any other situations that would have hampered the effectiveness, can be considered a period. In other words, the only time a miss would "count" is if a period was COMPLETELY skipped. My pill packet insert isn't really clear on this. Which is correct?

It is only counted as a missed menses if you have NO bleeding at all. A light or very light period is still a period on the pills.

Rarely, a very light period can be associated with a pregnancy if you missed more than one or two pills in a month.

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1. Pill and bleeding issues
2. Pill withdrawal bleeding
3. Pregnant and bleeding
4. Pregnant and withdrawal bleeding
5. Missed pills and spotting
6. BBT as pill backup?
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I usually take emergency contraceptive pills, as and when i have an intercourse. I used to have inter-menstrual bleeding, which was as good as 2periods a month. I cut down on the emergency pills. However, i missed my regular periods by a week now. I took the morning urine test but it was negative. I am also a hypothyroid patient and i missed my medication for 10 days in between. What are the chances of pregnancy? Also, what could be the cause of such a long delay in periods, other than pregnancy? Any specific measures that i must take?
12 years ago
So I missed two pills and I had sex with no protection. I now am bleeding on the week I'm not supposed to be on my period. I took a pregnancy test and it was false and I've been bleeding for a week. Is it possible I took the test too early and Im pregnant?
13 years ago