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by Frederick R. Jelovsek MD

On BCPs but condom broke

I just started my 4th month on the Alesse® BCP, didn't miss any pills the previous month. In fact, the only pill missed since I've been on the pills altogether was in my first month, which was lost due to a bout of vomiting.

Under doctor's advice the next day, I was advised to make up the birth control pill (which I did) and change my starting date back one day for all following packs (i.e.,began first month on a Sunday, now I start all packs on a Saturday).

My partner and I have always used spermicidally lubricated condoms in addition to the pill, but tonight some semen leaked out while he was pulling out, landing about a drop or two on the area between my vaginal opening and anus--closer to my anus.

We immediately wiped it away, but this is the first time that semen has actually touched me there, and so I'm terrified! I've never had sex without using a condom, so technically semen has never even been on my vaginal area.

Should I panic, or should my pills be protecting me enough to keep me safe? I have heard of the "morning after pill", but I'm not sure if it can be used in those women who are already on the pill regularly. Anyone (esp. those with any kind of medical experience) have any advice about what to do?

The pill should be enough to protect you from pregnancy. I wouldn't recommend taking a morning after pill, just continue with your pills. I assume it's pregnancy you are worried about and not sexually transmitted diseases.

In the case or STD's, you probably are still ok if the semen was only on the outside of the vagina and you had no open sore areas.

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