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Below is a list of articles that will answer the most popular questions womem have about birth control pills. Click on the article that interests you and find the answers you seek to your birth control pill questions.

Birth Control Pill Articles

By Date of Release Topic June 2, 2002 Continuous Oral Contraceptive Pills for Cramps August 5, 2001 Continuous Bleeding on Birth Control December 3, 2000 Which Oral Contraceptive Pill is Best for Me? August 20, 2000 Weight Gain and Fluid Retention on Oral Contraceptive Pills April 30, 2000 Drugs Affecting Birth Control Pills December 12, 1999 Menstrual Seizures and Progestin Only Contraceptives September 26, 1999 Pregnancy During and After Taking Oral Contraceptives July 25, 1999 IUCD - A Forgotten Contraception Method April 25, 1999 Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome Review February 28, 1999 Bleeding Expectations on Oral Contraceptives January 10, 1999 Timing Advice for Contraceptives August 16, 1998 Hereditary Ovarian Cancer Reduced by Oral Contraceptives July 5, 1998 Self-administered Emergency Contraception February 8, 1998 Oral Contraceptives and Cancer Risks November 30, 1997 Side effects of Depoprovera® in teens

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