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We could all probably quote all of the "right things to do to lose weight".  Knowing what to do isn't always the problem - implementing those right things is another story. 

With spring around the corner and summer in hot pursuit, many of us are looking for ways to rid ourselves of those unwanted pounds that crept up on over the winter.  Truth be told, the weight didn't jump onto these bodies overnight, and it won't just jump off either.  However, there are a few ways to get a head start on the loss, look-good program which will help immensely.

It's important to recognize that, as Henry Ford said, whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you're right.  So, let's begin at the top, if you will, and move down the body as we create our first few moves toward feeling and looking better for the summer.

From the top down

It's all in your head. That's right.  That's where the first changes have to be established.  We can follow all the rules, diet and exercise to exhaustion and still not attain the success we're after. Establish a picture in your mind of what you want to look like and how you're going to get there - then don't waiver from it.  If it helps to put a picture on the fridge, do that.  Stay focused.

Then there is the heart.  Believing isn't in the head; it's in the heart, the core or center of who we are.  So, if we believe we're strong, healthy, capable and smart, then we actually do the things that people with those characteristics do.  Check out what you believe about yourself.  Are there some things that could use revision?

The tummy is next.  What are you putting in there?  How are you feeding and fuelling that incredible engine that keeps that wonderful piece of art known as your body, moving?  Does your diet need revamping?  Instead of calorie laden foods, look for foods containing more fibre and water.  You'll be full without the calories that stack on your hips.

And finally...

Last stop, your feet.  Spend more time on them and less on your bottom end.  By walking instead of riding, standing instead of sitting and by moving more, you'll burn more calories and feel stronger as the days go by.  Find a routine that works for you, make the mental and heart adjustments and move with confidence into the best summer of your life.

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