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Ho, Hum, I'm so bored…

Variety is the spice of life. There's much truth to this old adage and one of the best places to apply it is in our daily health regimes. Let's face it, even things that are really very good for us can become boring with a lot of repetition. Doing the same fitness routine five days a week can lull the mind to sleep as well as lose its effectiveness.

Spice up your workouts and get a taste of good health

If you've been doing group fitness classes for the past month, why not add some weight training to the equation? As we know, weight-bearing exercise is vitally important for women to ensure good bone density, which protects against arthritis and osteoporosis. If you don't like the weight room, check out any of the great strength classes available at most gyms.

Different types of cardio

If you're one of those people who would rather not get your heart rate up by sweating it out in a cardio class, why not try an activity like power walking, running or swimming? There are also myriad excellent machines available which are easier on the legs but tough on calories. Check your facility's supply of cardiovascular equipment and get some help from the staff to learn to optimize your workout.

Cross training- a refreshing change!

Cross training is an excellent way to keep variety in your workouts. Exercising outside one day a week can give you the added impetus to keep going strong. You might try changing the time of day you work out and vary your routines every few weeks. Not only does this keep your mind from boredom; it enhances your weight loss/exercise program. The change can shock your muscles into a higher metabolic rate and you'll burn off calories as well as enjoy the invigorating feeling of a new challenge.
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