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Switching pills (cont'd)

Again, I am very sorry to ask so many questions, some of which may be redundant, but for me this is a very big issue and I just want everything to be exact, or at least to have as much knowledge as I can before I make this decision--and I have to decide by tomorrow night for the next am.

Basically, I want all the perks of my current birth control pill to also come with my new pill, but also have the added bonus of less bleeding and even less cramps would be nice. I guess my overall question is how close do you think the two pills will be as far as all these benefits?

I think the new pills may work better, at least it's worth a try.

I really want this to work out. I don't want to switch pills and then the new ones not work, the old ones not work anymore and ultimately be left with nothing.

I was so sure that I was going to switch until this past month when I read an article saying that taking ibuprofen could lessen bleeding so I decided to give that a try.

In fact, that is when I noticed that my bleeding on this pill became heavier---I used to take Advil for cramps, then switched to Rx pain killers and that's when I noticed a change, but didn't make the connection back then.

Anyway, I took the Advil this month (about 13 in 24 hours) to lessen the bleeding, and still had to take my Ultram (8 in 24 hours--50mg each) for the pain, but it did lessen the bleeding. Though it was a pain having to take a pill every hour or two.

I talked to my gyn's nurse about this and she said that that wasn't a smart thing to do because Advil can cause ulcers. Well, honestly, I am willing to take that chance at this point!! But, then again, I did adjust my pills this month by taking one less and maybe that's why it was lighter, though it wasn't a whole lot lighter, but still, it was an improvement. What do you think about this idea?

Advil usually would either not affect or it would increase bleeding. Its main use would be to decrease the cramps associated with the bleeding. Ultram shouldn't affect bleeding.

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